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Home organ


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The Early Years Music's tailored performance lessons are supported by strong theory! Available for face-to-face lessons in Sheffield and Zoom lessons for students anywhere in the UK.


About Early Years Music


Hi there, my name is Dean, and I can teach music up to Grade 7 LCM with practical home organ and electronic keyboard, and grade 5 LCM in all areas with the theory of music. I am also a member of the Guild Of Church Musicians, The Guild of Musicians and Singers and the Royal School of Church Music. I also have a level 2 pass in understanding music with the OU and a level 3 pass in The Technology of music with the OU.

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I can confidently play home organ and keyboard with the theory of Music to help elevate the understanding of the music I am teaching. I also play the Church Organ every week at my local church. I am very understanding, and never push for examinations with my pupils, and I'm easy to get on with. Before moving to South Yorkshire, most of my pupils in the past were happy not to have examinations behind them.



I offer private 1-to-1 classes by the hour. My lessons are usually a mixture of practical and theory of music. I only teach electronic keyboard or home organ, with two organ manuals and pedalboard. 1-hour lessons are £15, which is very competitive compared to others in this sector. You must have your own music keyboard with FULL-SIZE KEYS or a home organ to play and practice on, as lessons are provided at your home location or my property.


I also offer online tuition for those living outside my catchment area. These are £10ph and are provided using ZOOM.

However, I'm willing to teach just music theory as a complete lesson to help your child with a different instrument to which I do not teach. The fees remain the same.
Please create a free account should you wish to start lessons with me, and I will be happy to discuss days and times with you.


I have full Liability insurance up to the value of £10,000,000 now provided by the Incorporated Society of Musicians to cover me. This is available to view on request.

Piano with sheet music


As with anything you learn there will be homework set each week.  This is set to age appropriate and will never be more than I think your child is capable of completing.  All homework given is achievable for what is taught and nothing is ever set which I feel your child would not understand. Homework guidelines as follows:-

1. Aged between five to ten years - ten minutes practical & ten minutes theory per day

2. Aged between ten and twelve years - fifteen minutes practical & fifteen minutes theory per day

3. Aged between twelve and sixteen years - thirty minutes practical & thirty minutes theory per day.


These are only guidelines, but I feel these should be a minimum, if your child feels happy to do more than recommended then this is fine. 


I acknowledge that from time to time your child may struggle to understand, so included in the music fees that I charge is free unlimited phone support or email support. So your child can achieve his or her best, this includes full access to the learning tools page. This can either be for the child (depending on age) or for the legal Parent or Guardian of the child. I would say if the child is under 12 years old then a parent or guardian may be the better approach for me to explain.

Sheet Music


No one should ever be ruled out of learning to read and play music due to their ethnic background, and as such, I apply this to my teaching. This should never be a concern. This also applies to those with disabilities, and as such, I invite all to my private tuition.

Please let me know if you have a disability you think I need to be aware of for health and safety reasons or emergency requirements. Due to health and safety reasons in an emergency, I must have all the information needed to care for my pupils.

Child Playing Piano

Early Years Music teaches organ, keyboard and music theory to children and adults

Below you can see my home organ (left) and keyboard (right). While they may look similar, these are two totally different instruments used for differing musical purposes. For example, organs are more commonly found in gospel and classical music, whereas keyboards can be used for most types of music, from pop to dance music.


Home organ

"Can not fault the professionalism of service I received from my tutor. I'm a complete beginner and was able to play music within the first hour. A+ to the tutor and a big thank you"

Helen Travis - 16/09/2020

Listen to me playing this lovely arrangement of the beautiful piece called IF.


Musical medleys played on organ and keyboard.